Handyman Services in the Poconos & Lehigh Valley

What qualifies as a handyman service and what services do we provide?

As a craftsman experienced in all phases of construction and specializing in cabinets, woodwork and tile, there are a range of additional services I am able to provide as a handyman. Generally, these jobs are considered small or odd jobs, sometimes making them difficult to quote. So we offer two ways to go about these jobs: hourly rates and per job costs.

If you become a customer for life, we may go about hourly for service jobs you need done every so often.  If you know exactly what you need done and compile all the odds and ends we can give you a per job cost.  This benefits you because you wont have to worry if we become stuck on a chore and it's taking us more time than estimated.  However we always offer free estimates, so you know what the job is costing.


Why choose us?

Well for starters, we have 20 years experience in the field. We also do background checks on employees so you don't need to worry about inviting a handyman into your home!  Valley to Mountain Home Improvements invests in our tools.  Many are dust free when we're using them on your property. We keep your home as it should be, CLEAN!  If we don't answer the phone, leave a message and it will be returned even if we can't do the job you're calling about.


Interior Handyman Services

  • Replacing Bathroom Hardware
  • Replacing Kitchen Hardware
  • Fixing Doors
  • Fixing Cabinet Doors
  • Re-Staining Handrails
  • Small Painting Jobs
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Hanging Mirrors, Pictures and Paintings
  • Installing Floating Shelves
  • Installing and Building Garage Shelving
  • Sheetrock Repair
  • Replacing Mouldings
  • Replacing Broken Tiles
  • Re-Grouting
  • Installing New Flooring
  • Installing Cabinets
  • Re-Painting Cabinetry

Exterior Handyman Services

  • Repairing Decks
  • Repairing Rotting Woods
  • Replacing Rotting Trim Boards
  • Installing New Doors
  • Painting Exterior Doors
  • Caulking and Sealing
  • Cleaning Low Level Gutters
  • Fixing Low Level Gutters
  • Building Benches, Walls or Other Wood Structures
  • Repairing Porches
  • Staining
  • Painting
  • Fixing Mailboxes
  • Repairing Fencing

Our Handyman Service Questions


  • What are your current rates?
    • Call to find out and get an estimate today!
  • Do you charge a trip fee?
    • Yes, however to get the most out of our services, start a list and you can save with multiple tasks!
  • Do I supply materials?
    • Yes and No.  If you already have materials or job supplies we can accommodate for that, otherwise we will supply and pick up all materials!
  • How long does a handyman type job take?
    • This varies because of all the different types of jobs that can be performed.
  • Are you background checked?
    • YES!
  • My last handyman left a mess.  Do you clean up after yourself?
    • Absolutely! We wouldn’t sleep at night if we didn’t.
  • What’s your experience in home improvements?
    • 20+ years! 
  • Are your licensed and insured?
    • YES!
  • Will you show up on time?
    • Yes, we make every effort to do so. If we are running late, we will let you know!
  • Do you offer any guarantee?
    • Yes, labor and workmanship for 1 year, unless it’s something out of the ordinary.


Handyman Service Areas

We provide handyman services from the Pocono Mountains to the Lehigh Valley!